October 2019 Demonstration – John Shave, oils

Report by Maggie Goodsell

An excellent & informative demonstration by John Shave.
John found the time to do two paintings in under 2 hours!
The first was a snow scene
John blocked out the painting …..
… and started adding structure, cool at the back,
warm at the front.
He said he uses the same brush throughout so colours are used all over the painting. Just wipe your brush, don’t wash it between colours.
John said he scumbles the paint on, pushing the brush so the hairs go into the tooth of the canvas.
Nearly finished
Details added – what a difference a frame makes!
A totally different technique for his second second painting. John covered the canvas with the background colour …
…. and then painted over it with a dark colour.
He then lifted out the dark to reveal the orange underneath. Unfortunately this didn’t work as the orange layer was too wet & it came off as well !! A lesson to us all not to be too hasty using this method.
John then put the orange back in, adding a few highlights.
The finished painting.

A few of John’s other paintings. He said these were all demonstration pieces.