Members of the society were asked by Springfields Horticultural Society to create tiles in the Delft style for a competition – these are the results.

The tiles will be judged soon. 1st & 2nd places will be decided by a team of judges. There will also be a public vote. This will take place online – details will be shared once this goes live.

The tiles will form part of a larger display at the Springfields Festival Gardens.

Ann Dring
Beverley Healey
Cherylyn Marriner
Clare Ratcliffe
Denise Prew
Donna Halfteck
Gill Harker
Hazel Tokely
Helen Kempton
Jon Healey
Katie Stanney
Liz Wellings
Maggie Goodsell
Mary Brice
Pam Wood
Stuart Martin
Veronica Pryke
Wyn Cocks